Best Casas Particulares in Cuba in 2016 + Photos

Fri 27 May 2016

Founded in 2002, the Travellers' Choice Awards are the most important awards granted by TripAdvisor.

These annual awards are the only awards in the tourism sector that are based on millions of reviews and opinions from travelers around the world and reflect the "best of the best" when it comes to service, quality and customer satisfaction from hotels to destinations, attractions and even brands and products.

In 2016 in "Top 25 Caribbean inns" 18 awards belong to Cuba: Viñales - 7, Havana - 6, Trinidad - 3, Baracoa - 1 and Remedios - 1.

These are thewinners:


Casa Hilda y Alejandro (La Habana)

Casa Hilda y Alejandro


Hostal Dr Amaro y Dra Yamira (Trinidad)

Hostal Dr Amro y Dra Yamira


Casa Brisas de Alameda (Trinidad)

Casa Brisas de Alameda


Casa Israel (La Habana)

Casa Israel 


Casas Tamara & Chen (La Habana)

Casa tamara y Chen


Casa Particular Ridel y Claribel (Viñales)

Casa Particular Ridel y Claribel Vinales Cuba


Casa Colonial Yalina y Gustavo (Baracoa)

Casa Colonial Yalina


Hostal Jose y Kirenia (Trinidad)

Hostal Jose y Kirenia


Villa Jorge y Ana Luisa (Viñales)

Villa Jorge y Ana luisa Vinales Cuba



Hostal Buen Viaje (Remedios)

Hostal Buen Viajes Remedios


Casa El Porry (Viñales)

Casa El Porry Vinales Cuba


Sunny Balcony House, Vinales (Viñales)

Sunny Balcony House


Hostal Tres Caballeros (Viñales)

Hostal Tres Caballeros Vinales Cuba


Casa Leyani y Osvedy (Viñales)

Casa Leyani y Osvedy Vinales Cuba


Casa Colonial Yadilis y Joel (La Habana)

Casa Colonial Yadilis y Joel


Casa Guevara Alba B&B (La Habana)

Casa guevara Alba B&B


El Almendron Rosado (La Habana)

Casa Almendron Rosado


Casa Margarita (Viñales)

Casa Margarita Vinales Cuba

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