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Santa Clara was founded in 1689 by a number of inhabitants of Remedios who had moved inland to avoid the numerous pirate raids on the coast. For years, it was the capital of the old province of Las Villa which is now made up of the provinces of Cienfuegos, Santi Spiritus and Villa Clara. Santa Clara is most known for one of the most historic events in the history of Cuba. In 1958, the last battle of the Cuban revolution took place here, led by Che Guevara. This victory marked the end of Batista’s dictatorship. For this reason, Santa Clara is known as the 'city of the historic guerilla'.

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Hostal D' Cordero  

Hostal D' Cordero - Front

No 1 of 31 B&B

Latest Booking: 3 days, 11 hours ago

Riki's Hostal  

Frente de la casa

No 2 of 31 B&B

La Casa Verde de Avila y Becerra  


No 3 of 31 B&B

Hostal Familia Rivalta  


No 4 of 31 B&B

Hostal Sabor Cubano  

Frente de la casa

No 5 of 31 B&B

Hostal Autentica Pergola  

Casa Hostal Autentica Pergola

No 6 of 31 B&B

Hostal Vista Park  

Santa Clara Cuba Bed and breakfast Hostal Vista Park

No 7 of 31 B&B

Amarillo B&B  


No 8 of 31 B&B

Martirena's Hostal  

Salon de estar ambientado con pinturas de artistas contemporaneos

No 9 of 31 B&B

Latest Booking: 3 days, 20 hours ago

B&B Beny and Roberto  

Living room

No 10 of 31 B&B

Hostal D'Sara  

Frente de la casa

No 11 of 31 B&B

Casa Mercy  

Casa Mercy en el Centro de Cuba

No 12 of 31 B&B

Hostal Simón  

Cabaña 5 vista desde el patio-jardín interior con parqueos

No 13 of 31 B&B

Hostal Mercedes  


No 14 of 31 B&B

Hostal Jose Ramon  

Front of house

No 15 of 31 B&B

Hostal Ítaca  


No 16 of 31 B&B

Hostal La Caridad  

Frente de la Casa

No 17 of 31 B&B

Hostal Casita B&B  

Casa Colonial

No 18 of 31 B&B

Hostal de Lujo Buena Vida  


No 19 of 31 B&B

Hostal Jorge y Sheyla(Casa Grillo)  


No 20 of 31 B&B

Casa Viviam  

Casa Viviam

No 21 of 31 B&B

Hostal La Casona Jover  

Fachada Hostal La Casona Jover

No 22 of 31 B&B

Hostal Casa Francisco  

Frente de la casa

No 23 of 31 B&B

Casa Maria  


No 24 of 31 B&B

Hostal Ana  

Frente del Hostal Ana

No 25 of 31 B&B

Casa Mercy 1938  


No 26 of 31 B&B

Hostal Javier y Katia  

Frente de la casa.

No 27 of 31 B&B

Hostal Santa Teresa  


No 28 of 31 B&B

Hostal Gaviota Marina  

Hostal Gaviota Marina

No 29 of 31 B&B

Casa Colonial  

Frente Hostal Fortunae

No 30 of 31 B&B