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Reasons to visit: Museums, Hiking, Music

Booking a room at casas particulares in Trinidad is the first step to know the best preserved colonial town in Cuba. Bed and Breakfast in Cuba tells you why you have to visit the capital of the province of Sancti Spíritus the next time you go to the island.

What to expect from Trinidad

Houses painted in pastel colors and terracotta roofs receive the travelers at the historical centre of Trinidad. A place that invites you to admire and walk around buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The cobblestones streets have seen the evolution of the city that once was one of the most prosperous cities in the Caribbean. Its history begins in 1514, when Trinidad was founded by Diego Velazquez. For over 200 years, the city was very wealthy and a major trading centre for slaves and sugar.

The impressive colonial buildings around the main square belonged to the wealthy land-owners and the cobblestone streets and architecture all date back to its sumptuous past. Colonial homes, large squares and great palaces still raises at the city. And they have become the principal attraction of Trinidad.

From the 1850s or so, Trinidad became more isolated and while the wealth disappeared, it served to protect the city from any radical new building. The original town layout has been left largely unchanged.

And thanks to its well preserved colonial architecture, the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

Located four hours from Havana, Trinidad is placed in the central region of Cuba. It’s accessible from any major city of the country. Its many museums and churches, besides to its proximity to natural sites of interest, have made of Trinidad one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

What to do in Trinidad

There is a lot to see and do when traveling to Trinidad. Don’t miss the historical centre! There are 55 blocks you can walk and get lost on it to know firsthand the reasons that UNESCO had to recognize the importance of Trinidad.

Visit the Plaza Mayor, located at the heart of the city; the beautiful churches and the museums. Some of them are the Romantic Museum, Historic Museum, Museum of Colonial architecture and many others.

At the main square you can seat to enjoy the view of the buildings and the people. And, of course, there will be salsa music, as in any other city of Cuba.

If you are looking to enjoy nightlife in Trinidad, there are two places to go: Casa de la Música and Disco Ayala. The discotheque is inside a cave.

To complete your trip, enjoy the natural sites outside the city. Visit the tobacco fields, the Valle de los Ingenios and Topes de Collantes National Park. Playa Ancon is also closed to Trinidad, and there is a few hiking routes.

Casas Particulares in Trinidad

If you want to have time to know Trinidad, you better stay for a few days. There are different types of accommodations but we recommend casas particulares. These are private home stays, where you have your own room and the best service the owner can provide.

This is the perfect way to share with Cuban families and eat typical food. If you are interested in staying in Casas Particulares in Trinidad, contact us.

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