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From a military defense zone, Vedado developed into the most modern neighborhood in Havana. Renting casas particualares in Havana Vedado brings you closer to the splendor that lived this area in the nineteenth century., your bed and breakfast in Cuba, takes you through the stunning mansions and the active night and cultural life of this quarter.

The forbidden neighborhood

Havana is a small and beautiful city. When a first time traveler thinks about Cuba’s capital most likely imagine small streets crowded with people, bars and music. All around old and dilapidated buildings. While this is not so far from reality, this picture belongs most just to Old Havana district than the rest of the city.

Not so far from Old Havana there is a modern neighborhood, evidence of the luxury and good life that Cuba experienced in the XIX century. This is Vedado, a quarter where the rich and prestigious families used to live. Still today some of those houses are family homes, some others were converted into cultural centers, embassies or state offices.

But Vedado not always represent the splendor of that time. It is rather a recent district that at one time was only a dense forest that protected the city from pirate attacks. During colonial times this area was name Vedado, which means “forbidden”.

It wasn’t possible to build houses at this place because the forest was used to block the view from the west. The penalties for intruders included loosing an arm or a leg.

It was until the late 19th century that the quarter was developed. The engineer Luis Yboleon Bosque designed broad straight avenues in a grid style with wide pavements, splendid houses and big gardens.

Today, it is still an exclusive neighbourhood with many Embassies and Consulates located there. Good hotels, famous restaurants and some government ministries. Also there is the Plaza de la Revolución, a venue for major celebrations, is the political centre of Havana and the whole of Cuba, as well as a highly symbolic place.

Why booking casas particulares in Havana Vedado

Staying in Vedado allows travelers to know the real Cuban life and culture, far away from tourists’ crowded old streets, while still are at the same city. And from this zone is easy to visit the rest of the capital attractions.

And there is a lot to see and do in Vedado. First, take a leisurely walk to admire the luxurious mansions, symbol of modern Cuban architecture. The streets are identified with numbers and letters, which makes it easy to move around.

Enjoy live music concerts and theater productions at the neighborhood. Art galleries, nightspots, bars and restaurants offer travelers diverse options to spend their time in Havana. You can go to the Malecon during the day or night to chat with Cubans and enjoy a drink.

Some spots you cannot miss while staying in Vedado are Calle 23, La Rampa, Calle G or Avenida de los Presidentes. Casa de las Américas, Museo de Artes Decorativas, the Lennon and Almendares parks and the Necrópolis de Colón.

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