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Reasons to visit: Diving, Food, Flora & Fauna, Climbing

In Bed and Breakfast in Cuba we will like to offer you the amazing’s casas particulares in Vinales. This is a spectacular location in Cuba that you should see when you visit the island. You don’t want to lose the sight seen in this town located in the Province of Pinar del Rio. Stay here in Bed and Breakfast in Vinales and go around to see the national park among other places.

About the Vinales Valley

As we say, Viñales is a small town located in the Pinar del Rio Province. Its exact location is in the north central part of this province of Cuba. The valley of Vinales is the most visited location in the province of Pinar del Rio and is a good place to spend a few days. The town center has its own charm but not a lot of things to see, the beauty is in its location and the surrounding sights.

You will find small houses, one floor constructions made with wood. Almost all of them has porches, where people hang around.

This valley is dominated by mountains that are not so tall. They belong to the Guaniguanico´s Coordillera. Also its landscape is mixed with a rocky environment. In these places the locals still use traditional agricultural techniques in the cultivation of different products. But especially when they produce tobacco, an icon of this province.

This particular place has cultural and natural landscapes mixed together. It´s a very rich society, multi-ethnic. Here you will get in touch with the traditions of the Caribbean and Cuba at the same time.

These characteristics that we mention, among others, are the ones that make this valley a tourist attraction. It has landscapes full of green that can captivate every visitant. It´s not so far from Havana, about 170 kilometers.

Viñales has a UNESCO World Heritage status

The National Park Vinales is one of the most spectacular locations in Cuba. It got the Unesco World Heritage status in 1991. This sleepy village is nestled in a verdant valley full of tobacco farms. But it also has caves and strange shaped limestone hills known as mogotes that go as high as 300 meters.

According to UNESCO:

“The valley is home to an original culture, a synthesis of contributions from indigenous peoples, Spanish conquerors and African slaves who once worked the tobacco plantations.”

This town and region it´s known and appreciated by Cubans. People from this country identify with the Viñales Valley. They know about its cultural and importance.

Not for nothing this town has this UNESCO title. Its landscapes are amazing, but also its cultural heritage. It has everything for tourist.

Bed and Breakfast in Vinales

Among the reasons for visiting this town are: Diving, Food, Flora & Fauna and Climbing. You will have the opportunity to do this and more when you visit Viñales.

We like to recommend you to stay in casas particulares, this is an option for any kind of travel budgets. And it's the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the locals. And learn more about this region, its history, culture and landscapes.

Do not miss the opportunity to stay in Bed and breakfast in Vinales. People in casas particulares in Vinales are waiting for you. Choose one location in our catalogue. The confirmation happens immediately, you don’t have to wait.

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Casa Mily a la Campagne

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D Pedro y H  

Habitación Independiente

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Villa Tatiana y El Yiyi  

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Villa Edenia Casas Alvarez  

Villa Edenia Casas

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Casa Mirtha Diaz  

Frente de la Casa

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Casa Arcoiris  

Frente del la Casa Particular Arcoiris, Viñales

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Villa Las Palmeras  

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Casa Carlos Celorio  

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Casa Naveda  

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Casa El Porry  

SwimingPoll Casa  El Porry Viñales

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Villa Nelffis  

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Villa Las Alturas. Dr.Yordanias ...  

Mi casa

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Casa Lala  

Casa Lala

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Villa Dinalba  


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Villa Las Vegas  

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Villa Pupi Y Emilio  

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