Eating out in Vinales


State run restaurants

Bar Palmares, El Parque: this bar located off the main square is possibly the best people watching place in Vinales. It is no more than a quiosk with a few tables but the location is prime. It serves cocktails, other beverages and snacks. A nice place to have a sandwich or some croquettes with a drink and watch the world go by.

Las Brisas: located on main street, this overbright typical Cuban restaurant offers typical Cuban main course food. No sandwiches or snacks and menu varies daily. Pork and fried chicken are specialties.

Casa de DonTomas: this picturesque two storey wooden building is set back off the main street. It offers typical Cuban main course food and regularly has live music for diners.

El Estanco: located on Carretera Puerto Esperanza about 1km from town centre, this outdoor restaurant serves pizza and pasta. Nice if you want a break from rice and beans.

El Viñalero: located on main street in a colonial building, this restaurant serves a range of food from Cuban main course food to pizzas, pasta and sandwiches. Good for people watching.

Restaurant Don Tomas
Restaurant El Vinalero
Pizzeria, El Estanco

Private Restaurants

El Paraiso is located about 2.5 km from the centre of town on the road to Puerto Esperanza (the same road that brings you to Cueva del Indio, El Rancho San Vicente and El Palenque) This family run ranchon style pizzeria is owned by a pastry chef and if you are lucky and there is enough flour for pizza and desserts, you can try his delicious guava pie. Otherwise, they serve a good selection of pizzas and big plates of spaghetti with ham and cheese.

El Balcon: beside the Vinales national park visitor centre up at the Jazmines, this has to be the best view of all the private paladars and gives the hotel Jazmines healthy competition for cocktails at sundown. Copious amounts of Cuban typical fare, good quality and a splendid view. Cocktails available and an orchid garden is being developed. Lobster and shrimp available along with pork, chicken and fish.

El Olivo restaurant: on the main street, this restaurant offers Mediterranean food and makes a pleasant change from Cuban cuisine.
The cook lived and worked in Barcelona for over 20 years so there is strong Spanish influence.
Frequented almost exclusively by tourists as the lack of rice and beans frightens off the locals.

Paladar Fernan2: about 1km from town on the road up to the hotel La Ermita, this is a very picturesque outdoor restaurant set in a beautiful garden. With very nice attention to detail, this paladars offers the usual Cuban fare with style.

Paladar Juana la Cubana: situated on the main street, this newly opened paladar is ideal for people who want to stay in town and enjoy the atmosphere. It is house in an old Colonial building and serves typical Cuban home cooking.


Eating out Hotels

Los Jazmines, formal dining room with a la carte and buffet menus, bar and pool side food also available. Splendid views from dining room and poolside. Best place to have a cocktail as the sun goes down behind the mountains.

La Ermita, new dining room with large picture windows to lovely view and bar food available at bar and at pool. Lots of locals come here to watch the football.

Rancho San Vicente, old fashioned dining room and bar food available at bar and pool. Nice relaxed atmosphere in rural location

Hotel, Los Jazmines
Hotle, La Ermita
Hotle, Rancho San Vicente

Tourist Venues

Finca San Vicente: beside the Cueva del Indio, this restaurant offers typical Cuban home cooking. Located behind the coach parking beside the shops.

Cueva del Indio: typical Cuban fare, bar at end of boat trips serves snacks such as fried chicken and sandwiches. A nice place to sit and watch the world go by. Avoid dusk as the mosquitoes come out in force

El palenque de los Cimarrones: snacks at front bar. As you pass through the cave, there is an outdoor dining area with a typical set menú and slave show. Lots of coach tours.

Mural de la prehistoria: as with all other tourist attractions, the mural offer typical Cuban food and caters for coach tours. Idyllic peaceful setting.

Casa del Veguero: located about ½ km from town centre on the road to Pinar del Rio, this tourist attraction also offers typical Cuban fare and also caters to coach tours.

Polo Montonez: the casa de Cultura of Vinales besides providing live music every night also has a restaurant which has a range of food, from typical Cuban fare to pizzas and burgers. Check availability as not all food is in stock always.

Patio del Decimista: the smaller music venue is primarily a bar but some snacks are available.

Finca San Vicente
Restaurante, El Palenque
Restaurant, Polo Montanez
Bar, Cueva del Indio

Street food

There are now dozens of stalls on the main street selling food for Cuban pesos so you might want to change a few dollars in the Cadeca for street snacking. The most common stall you will see is pizza, mostly ham and cheese, selling for around 10 Cuban pesos, about 40 centavos in CUC. Vendors will accept CUC but make sure you check your change. Dinner in a box to go (normally rice, meat and salad) sells for about 1 CUC (25 Cuban pesos) Sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee and icecream are also available and all prices are prominently displayed.

On the roads out of town, you will lots of quiosks selling fruit. While prices are displayed in Cuban pesos, it is best to check the prices first as some entreprising Cubans just change the price to CUC!

Helados (Icecream)